Anton Kalafati’s Decade-Long Construction Career Has Benefitted Numerous Clients

A career in construction can be one of the most rewarding paths for those who find a way in. Each and every day, you’ll be able to put your skills and knowledge to use and create something tangible. At the end of each work day, the evidence of your ingenuity and know-how will be on display for the client and public to see. There will be times when hard work is called for on a regular  basis, but that’s why you got into the industry in the first place. For people like Anton Kalafati, the past 13 years have been educational and fulfilling. That’s because Mr. Kalafati has worked his way up from on-call college repairman to president  and majority owner of his own construction company. For those in the San Francisco area who are looking for a dependable construction crew, it’s time to learn more about Anton Kalafati and B Side Construction.

Mr. Kalafati began his path toward success in the business-building industry by joining the team at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Starting in February 2004, he would be responsible for material ordering, building maintenance and on-call emergency repairs. This role always offered some new type of task that enhanced his skills and offered an exciting challenge. In February 2007, Anton Kalafati would decide to move on from UCSF and take on a much prestigious – not to mention challenging – role: president of B Side Construction.

B Side Construction, which was founded in 2003, is majority-owned by Mr. Kalafati. This only comes natural to someone who is a second-generation general contractor with 10 years of industry experience. In this leadership role, he has been responsible for project management, site management, contract negotiation, estimating and employee management. In short, he sees every client’s task through from beginning to end. As a result, his crew has completed such note-worthy renovations at sites that include the CSU East Bay Hayward Presidential Suite, SP2 Communal Bar and Restaurant in San Jose and Mill Valley Community Center.

These types of business clients have all benefits from Mr. Kalafati’s vision, mission and skills. When bringing him aboard to your own renovation project, you’ll see that his AutoCAD Architecture skills allow for a rendering of the final product so you’ll know exactly what to expect long before the work wraps up.